Hosting Outdoor Events For Team Building In Malaysia

More and more companies all across the globe are hosting team building events for their staff. The great thing about such events is that you can hold them either indoors or outdoors, all depending on the space you have available to you. Outdoor events may end up being a bit more varied and physical, requiring participation and interaction from the different members of the team. These outdoor events can include wilderness adventures, treasure hunts, hiking, games, sporting events and more.

team trekkingNo matter whether you have an idea for an outdoor, indoor or combination event, team building in Malaysia is guaranteed to be fun filled. It is important that you think about going with activities that are going promote communication, problem solving and help to enforce positive interactions as well as critical thinking from each team member involved.

Malaysia is an idea spot for hosting outdoor team building simply because there is such a wide variety in terms of activities. Whether you have a large or small group, you will be able to find a great activity for groups of 12 up to a hundred or more. Some of the top activities for outdoor team building in Malaysia may include:

Adventure Tours

There are a number of adventure tours that you can take advantage of in and around some of the top spots in Malaysia that will help to provide both physical and mental challenges as well as team stimulation. Such tours take place in Mount Kinabalu, Taman Negara and Jana Baik and are just right for team members who are in decent physical condition. While on this sort of adventure, team members can enjoy confidence building and effective teamwork skill building.

Ice Breaker Games

An ice breaker is a pretty popular activity when it comes to team building. Not only are you able to introduce new staff but it can also help to foster conversation between everyone and highlight certain talents or skills. When you plan an ice breaker, the team members are able to easily overcome any of the previous barriers of communication that they might have had. As a morale builder, you will have the ability to show your team ice breakers in the form of board games, group activities, problem solving, softball, casino games and much more.

White Water Rafting

white water rafting Not only is white water rafting a great sport, but it can also be an incredible team builder if you are planning an outdoor adventure in Malaysia. While it is a rugged sport, this is an adventure that helps to foster cooperation so that the team can be safely transported to their designated destination. Malaysia is home to the Kampar River, which is just right for a stimulating white water rafting adventure and all of the challenges that your team needs. Even if you have a mixed group, there are ways that you can formulate your rafting positions accordingly.

Canyon Exploration

Challenging and exciting, canyons are just right for team building in fun outdoorMalaysia. Along Ulu Geruntum, you will find a physically and mentally based activity that will help your participants to feel both invigorated as well as accomplished. You can put together an adventure that allows for different skill levels and work together as a team to get to the end goal. With the right guide, this can be a safe and worthwhile team building experience for everyone involved. Just make sure that everyone is on board, up for the challenge and of course outfitted with the proper gear for safety.

No mater what, you are going to find that putting together an outdoor team building adventure in Malaysia can be a wonderful way to bring the teamwork to the forefront while still enjoying the incredible sights of the region. When the trip is over with, your team will have some great bonds and a whole new set of skills as well as memories.