The Best Inflatable Rental Service In Malaysia

If you are planning an event, you want to be sure you know all the details involved in making it the best it can be. There are lots of details you have to attend to in order to get the results you are after. A lot of people do not attend to event details properly and end up being disappointed with the results they get. Here is a look at what you get when you hire the best inflatable rental in Malaysia.

Inflatable Rental Services
When you search the Internet, you will see you have several options for inflatable and other party rental services in Malaysia. You need to book as much in advance as you can in order to prevent the disappointment that comes with services that have been rented out on the day you are planning your event.

Take a look at what the rental services offer. Most of them do provide more than just inflatable bounce houses. Turning Head for instance also provide ice cream, chocolate fountains as well as entertainment like party clowns and pony rides.

Decide what your requirements are. Work with a service that provides just what you want. You want to deal with a service that offers great customer relations, too. You want them to be a team that you can have on your side from the first moment you contact them to the day the party or event is held.

A Variety of Fun

You should have plenty of options for games and other entertainment. If you cannot find what you want on a rental company’s website, just ask them for help. They should be able to offer you as many fun solutions for your event as possible.
When the party is booked, they will be there to help set everything up and take everything down as necessary. They should make it easy to book the services you choose with them and they should show that they care. If they don’t, you should look for a service that does. This is one reason you need to book ahead of time. In case you have problems with the rental service, you can have things sorted out way before the big date.

In addition to the rentals being fun, they have to be safe. Make sure the company you rent from has an impeccable safety record. Also, be sure to find out that they meet all industry standards and that they strive to make sure every item you rent from them is in good working condition.
Choose the best rental service. It will make an impact on the quality you get and ultimately the amount of fun everyone has at your big event. You want to compare service prices, too but remember that when you pay more for a rental service you probably get more in terms of quality, service, safety and fun.

There are many Malaysian rental services to use when you plan a party or event. Whether you are planning a corporate outing, a child’s party, or a wedding, find yourself the best rental service you can.

Hosting Outdoor Events For Team Building In Malaysia

More and more companies all across the globe are hosting team building events for their staff. The great thing about such events is that you can hold them either indoors or outdoors, all depending on the space you have available to you. Outdoor events may end up being a bit more varied and physical, requiring participation and interaction from the different members of the team. These outdoor events can include wilderness adventures, treasure hunts, hiking, games, sporting events and more.

team trekkingNo matter whether you have an idea for an outdoor, indoor or combination event, team building in Malaysia is guaranteed to be fun filled. It is important that you think about going with activities that are going promote communication, problem solving and help to enforce positive interactions as well as critical thinking from each team member involved.

Malaysia is an idea spot for hosting outdoor team building simply because there is such a wide variety in terms of activities. Whether you have a large or small group, you will be able to find a great activity for groups of 12 up to a hundred or more. Some of the top activities for outdoor team building in Malaysia may include:

Adventure Tours

There are a number of adventure tours that you can take advantage of in and around some of the top spots in Malaysia that will help to provide both physical and mental challenges as well as team stimulation. Such tours take place in Mount Kinabalu, Taman Negara and Jana Baik and are just right for team members who are in decent physical condition. While on this sort of adventure, team members can enjoy confidence building and effective teamwork skill building.

Ice Breaker Games

An ice breaker is a pretty popular activity when it comes to team building. Not only are you able to introduce new staff but it can also help to foster conversation between everyone and highlight certain talents or skills. When you plan an ice breaker, the team members are able to easily overcome any of the previous barriers of communication that they might have had. As a morale builder, you will have the ability to show your team ice breakers in the form of board games, group activities, problem solving, softball, casino games and much more.

White Water Rafting

white water rafting Not only is white water rafting a great sport, but it can also be an incredible team builder if you are planning an outdoor adventure in Malaysia. While it is a rugged sport, this is an adventure that helps to foster cooperation so that the team can be safely transported to their designated destination. Malaysia is home to the Kampar River, which is just right for a stimulating white water rafting adventure and all of the challenges that your team needs. Even if you have a mixed group, there are ways that you can formulate your rafting positions accordingly.

Canyon Exploration

Challenging and exciting, canyons are just right for team building in fun outdoorMalaysia. Along Ulu Geruntum, you will find a physically and mentally based activity that will help your participants to feel both invigorated as well as accomplished. You can put together an adventure that allows for different skill levels and work together as a team to get to the end goal. With the right guide, this can be a safe and worthwhile team building experience for everyone involved. Just make sure that everyone is on board, up for the challenge and of course outfitted with the proper gear for safety.

No mater what, you are going to find that putting together an outdoor team building adventure in Malaysia can be a wonderful way to bring the teamwork to the forefront while still enjoying the incredible sights of the region. When the trip is over with, your team will have some great bonds and a whole new set of skills as well as memories.

All About A Party Planner Software

If you’re planning a big event like a wedding or a birthday party, you don’t need a party planner. You can plan your party yourself, however, you do need a party planner software or application. If you’re a professional party planner, you need it too.

party planning softwareThis type of software will let you keep everything in check. It enables you to easily manage the list of guests with details like their gender, age, invitation, and if they sent an RSPV to your event. You are able to split bigger occasions like weddings into more compact ones like the bachelorette party, wedding ceremony and the reception. It is simple to switch between occasions, as well as copy visitors from one list to a different one.

With party planner software, you can take proper care of anything party-related by using the to-do list, which enables you to manage your tasks. The budget tool will help you keep in check what you’re spending for the event you’re organizing.

There are basically two types of party planner software: paid and ad-supported. With paid, you need to pay for the software before you can use it. Ad-supported software, on the other hand, is free to use but have advertisements in them. In any case, whether you’re using free or paid, with an Event Planner software you are able to organize multiple occasions simultaneously, from simple parties to more essential occasions.

Birthday Party planning

While there is software that comes in app versions that you can directly download to your mobile device, there are also use web-based software. Web-based software is created for customers to ensure that they can access their data everywhere with worry-free security. Like downloadable software, web-based software programs also contain calendars, event particulars, financial services, and professional confirming.

We’re not going to tell you which type of software to use, but we are going to tell you to try a software first before deciding if you want to use it or not.

We’ve tried different party planning software programs ourselves, and we’ve found out that the best programs are those that have party planning in their bloodstream, or apps that were developed by professional party planners.

party planningParty planning software began a time-saving idea for people who want to enjoy their big day rather than be stressed with the details of organizing a party. If you have a growing party planning, events organizing, or catering service, use only programs beloved by industry professionals countrywide.

Party planners work hard as their business largely depends on how successful an event turns out to be. While they used to write on their pen-and-paper organizers, things have changed, and you now have configurable software equipped with features required to plan parties, from import contacts, to-do lists, among others.

Some software save you time by coming in pre-populated with a lot of products, which you can check and uncheck to remind you which ones to use in the events you’re organizing. If that’s not convenient, we don’t know what is.

Top Tips On Organizing Team Building Event

First of all, let’s see why team building is important to a new business. Setting up a new business team is basically expecting people who do not know each other to work as one in order to drive profit; this can be a major challenge. For this reason, team building is essential and can not be accomplished in one sitting. It takes time for people who are strangers to reach a point where they are getting along. Organizing a team building event before splurging on a retreat for your employees is key to success.

Start Small

building team spiritThere is a misconception that sending a group of people to an expensive retreat or event will make them magically mesh into an effective team. Team building takes time, and starting small with mini games in the workplace for example will give your team a much stronger foundation.

In the beginning, as your team get to know each other, they will form small cliques. It is important to break up those cliques when playing team building games during office hours. In fact, each team should include a representative from each clique.

Mini Competitions

Organize interesting competitions that will engage your team. Make sure the games are not boring and designed only to force them to interact. Small events that allow each team member to showcase their prowess as a team are very effective. As their boss it is a good idea to let your team get to know you better, so that you come across as approachable while still being professional.

One option for this is to organize a “Get To Know Me” session in which they each have the opportunity to ask you anything they like, including personal questions. Apart from showing them that you are approachable, this will also help them to establish camaraderie. Another great idea is to have a “Who Knows Me Best” game the following day, providing small rewards to maintain their interest.

Rather than making this a one-off event, set aside time for these games with your employees each week. This regular interaction between them and you will help them to learn more about each other and will help to get rid of any tension that may arise.

After a month or two you might like to splurge on a fun company event at a resort, beach or any other fun location. Although team building games will not be necessary by this time as they will have already bonded, it is still a good idea to include a few, as long as they are fun. You can treat this special company event as a victory party for you since getting strangers to work together and get along well is not an easy task. Congratulate and treat yourself to a cocktail and a pat on the back. You deserve it!

P.S.: Here is another great list of team building event and games (PDF format).

P.S.S: Checkout “Snakes” game which uses non-verbal communication to lead a team through this trust & team building games

How to Choose Good Events Management Company in Singapore

Event planning in Singapore can be a difficult proposition. The costs can be very high and if you don’t know what you’re doing, you’re easily going to go over your budget and still have a lousy event. This is why you need an event management company to help you out.

In general, good events company in Singapore is not hard to find. In fact, you have many options. However, it’s very important that you pick the right firm to ensure the success of your event.

outdoor party events planning company

To get you started, here are some tips to remember:

First, you should check if the company is a full service event firm. That way, you will have a “go-to contact” for all your event hosting needs in the future.

Next, you need to know how much they charge for their service. Some event companies have packages while others charge only for their service, and then you will be the one to pay for the caterer, venue, etc.

business seminar planning in singapore

Read customer reviews and feedback about their service. The only way to gauge how good they are is to find out what previous customers have to say about them. You can check independent reviews online from forums, blogs, and business listing websites.

If you like what you’ve read so far about the company, give them a call. By talking to them personally, you can determine if they’re helpful, friendly, professional and really experienced with organizing events. Ask them lots of questions. If they’re professional, they would be more than happy to answer all your inquiries at no cost.

Make sure to repeat all the steps above until you have a shortlist of candidates that you can choose from. Have at least 3 options that you can consider, then make a comparison of their features, pros and cons. Then and only then should you make the final decision.

Keep in mind that the success of your event is vital. Events cost money and a poor outcome will reflect badly on you. But when you hire the right event management company in Singapore, you will feel more confident of the outcome.

Using A Spreadsheet To Manage And Plan Events in Malaysia

The general consensus among event company in MALAYSIA indicate that the preferred tool used to manage and plan events would be event planning software; however, coming at a very close second is that of spreadsheets. As a novice event planner I have found spreadsheets to be my saving grace. Same thought after discuss with my mentor from ADEvent.

Spreadsheet as event management software

The reason I enjoy using spreadsheets for event management and planning is not only because I am very comfortable with the format, but also because they are extremely efficient and have several beneficial features. They are able to monitor resources being used, track budgets, create and manage different lists, and are very inexpensive. Finally, the spreadsheet is easily accessible to almost all event managers and presents with a widely acceptable document format.

Budget event management tool

However, as with all programs, the spreadsheet does have some disadvantages when used as a primary event planning and management tool. Unfortunately, the spreadsheet shows very poor efficiency as the different event managers may be using alternate spreadsheets and management styles. I have noticed that the senior event manager in our company utilizes numerous tabs on his documents, whereas I find these exceptionally confusing and it is very time-consuming deciphering his spreadsheet.

Drawback of spreadsheet in event planningAnother disadvantage of using a spreadsheet in comparison to event management software is that it can be difficult to keep data up-to-date on spreadsheets. As many event managers use one spreadsheet at the same time there is the possibility of information being deleted. Furthermore, event managers may update information on a copy of the master without informing others of this, thus leaving the master copy out of date.

A final drawback of working with a spreadsheet is that they are unable to analyze event data effectively. While it is possible to create graphs and charts on a spreadsheet, the amalgamation of this information can be complicated and time-consuming when using a basic spreadsheet.

In conclusion, while spreadsheets can be useful in event management and planning there are various considerations to make before employing them as an event management resource.

How To Save Time And Money Using Event Planning Software?

If you have ever worn the hat of an event planner, you probably already appreciate there are literally hundreds of details you need to handle each day especially for event planning in Sydney. Things like: Where will the event be held? What should be the dates and time? How will participants register for the event? Who will be featured at the event? How will the event be promoted? Without some type of help, these details can overwhelm you!

Save time and money in event planningThere is no way you will be able to personally oversee every detail of the event without some kind of help. Of course even if you hire lots of people to help you there there will be mini surprises along the way. Online event planning software, however, is not only much cheaper than hiring a team of helpers, it will also keep track of all the details — allowing you to host the event without major glitches.

Online event planning software is usually simple to use. The instructions for most of the programs are generally quite easy. And the different available software programs offer a number of features that will make it simple to manage your project.

Saving time and moneyFor instance, you can start by offering online registration. This, alone, will simplify the registration process dramatically. It negates the need to hire people to manually handle registrations. It also saves lots of money on envelopes and postage. Even you attendees will be happy they can register instantly any time, day or night.

Online event planning software also allows you to collect registration fees online. It can be set up to take credit cards, bank drafts, or third party payment programs like PayPal. If necessary, you can even set up a wire transfer.

Sending invitations and promotional materials online is also a money saver. Most event planning packages include email capabilities that will let you send an unlimited number of emails en masse, or you can send specific messages to specific groups or individuals.

Many event planning software programs are cloud based. This means you can work on your event from any computer in the world. Some allow you to set the program up as a wiki so that many people can work on the event.

There are also applications that let you utilize social marketing aspects. You may wish to set up a blog, post to an events page on Facebook or send out regular Tweets on Twitter. This is a great feature that lets you promote your event on wide platforms to be seen by not only your attendees, but other interested individuals as well.

If you are getting ready to host an event, be sure to check out the money saving, time saving features you will find on many of the outstanding event planning software programs that are available today.

How LinkedIn Can Help You In Event Management

Event management is a cumbersome process. Everything, from planning to the execution of the smallest detail needs to be carefully watched and checked. One small mistake can ruin the entire event just like that. Only imagine you planned food and drinks for 30 people and you end up with 100 persons showing up. At the other end of the scale, if you prepare for 500 people and you only get 50 guests, you’ll have to pay a lot per person invited that showed up. This will translate into a very poor ROI, thus putting you in trouble in front of your client or in front of your boss, should the event be an in-house organized one. Luckily, there are tools to help event managers to plan and control everything. One good example is Plancast, an online event management platform that can help event planners do a great job. LinkedIn has LinkedIn Events, a tool that can help you achieve the same thing.

Unfortunately, LinkedIn Events is one of those cool features that are overlooked by so many.

Linkedin for business logoActually, if you take a closer look, you can easily notice the convenience offered by LinkedIn Events. Users can get event recommendations based on their location, network, industry and many other parameters. Similarly, if you are the organizer of such an event, you can make it known to people in your target group by simply posting it on LinkedIn.

Whenever somebody joins an event, they get presented a list of attendees they might possibly want to meet. Since such events are all about networking and making new connections, a list showing you who else is going to be there could be very valuable. Moreover, you can filter the list by industry, so that you can get a clear picture about everybody you do want to meet at that event.

Find event venue from linkedin

Getting directions for the location of an event is also very easy, as they will appear on the LinkedIn website. Guests have the possibility to share their plans through other social media channels such as Facebook or Twitter. These plans can also be shared with your connections directly to your personal activity stream.

You can also use LinkedIn to find potential speakers for your events or locations you may have never heard about. It is a wide network where people connect to find new business partners or customers and to keep in touch with each other from a professional point of view.